Residential Sale Conveyancing

Residential Sale Conveyancing

One Fixed & All-Inclusive Cost for Residential Sale Conveyancing anywhere in Queensland.
We do not believe in hidden costs. No extra fees for a telephone calls or emails buried in the fine print.

Our Fixed Price Sale Package is just that. No hidden costs. Included are the search costs, professional fees and disbursements such as cheque fees.

If you do require additional searches or professional fees then we can also provide these to suit your budget.

All sales have solicitor oversight giving you peace of mind when it comes to your property transaction.

All of our sales packages include:

No fees for finance extension responses.
No fees for Building and Pest negotiations.
No fees for you to visit our office to discuss your contract with us, if required.
No fees for phone calls and emails regarding your contract during the conveyance.

We are a boutique Property Law firm who can guide you through the conveyancing process, providing great service, and attention to detail at an affordable price.

We are pleased to:
• Provide personalised service by qualified solicitors and experienced para-legals
• Liaise with Real Estate Agents, other Solicitors and your Bank
• Calculate and confirm all settlement amounts/adjustments

Included Professional Services

• Receipt and Perusal of your contract
• Advice on contract and clauses
• Drafting of any Special Conditions that you may require
• Attendance by telephone or email to receive instructions
• Drafting and Provision of First Suite of Documents
• Correspondence with Real Estate Agent and Vendor’s Solicitor
• Drafting and Provision of Form 1 & 24 Transfer Documents
• Managing PEXA settlement workspace
• Correspondence & Negotiations regarding condition due dates, settlement adjustments and finalizing settlement
• Managing search applications, examining search results and dealing with appropriate authorities or Councils
• Settlement Statement preparation and final confirmation
• Collection of Transfer Duty and Payment to QRO
• Completing relevant ATO forms to comply with CGT or GST
• Providing you with final correspondence including settlement statement, trust statement any invoices or receipts

Additional Services may attract further costs.

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