Debt Recovery

Business Debt Recovery
Your business can't afford to carry dead weight which is exactly what outstanding debt is. If you are having trouble recovering costs from your clients then our expert team can help return money to your business or enterprise.

Our Team understands the legal processes involved with recovery of outstanding monies and offer a fixed price service up to $25,000 for smaller amounts and cost effective solutions for amounts between $25,000 to $150,000.

Our Fixed Price service includes:
1. Statutory Letter of Demand
• We do this separately as in some instances that is all it takes which is good for you as you get your funds faster and doesn’t cost you further.

2. Separate Deed of Settlement
• If a Statutory Demand letter results in an agreement then execution as a deed is the best way moving forward.

3. Debt Package for up to $25,0000 debts which includes:
• Claim
• Statement of Claim
• Service of Documents
• Affidavit of Service
• Deed of Settlement (if applicable) - If we negotiate a debt repayment schedule then this deed is executed which then gives rise to legally enforceable rights
• Court Mentions
• Draft Orders
• Default Judgement (if applicable)
• Hearing with Solicitor Only

Let us take care of the debt so you can concentrate on building your business.
Personal Debt Recovery
If you have entered into a contract for the provision of goods or services that have not been delivered or are not what you paid for then we can assist in recovering the costs associated.

These might include:
• Renovation work not completed or poorly done
• Consignment goods such as building materials
• Faulty products
• Damages caused by third parties

There is no need for you to accept financial loss so contact us to see how we can help.

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