Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Advice
Finance, Mortgage or Refinancing

If you are seeking to refinance your existing property or need mortgage advice, then we can assist with document examination and guidance.

Often banks or financiers require a Solicitors Advice Certificate meaning you have received suitable legal advice in relation to any loan or mortgage documentation.

It is important that you look at the fine print because what may be a great deal on the surface could have some hidden reefs.

We have a fixed price service which can put your mind at ease and give you the best understanding of your refinance package.

These documents are often accompanied by a Mortgage Guarantorship especially when a company or trust is borrowing the funds. Learn More about them here

Why Solicitor Advice?
Refinance your existing property or need mortgage advice

CBA v Amadio
Non Est Factum
The High Court of Australia found that an extreme imbalance in knowledge and bargaining power could lead to a commercial transaction being set aside due to equity.

As such financiers protect themselves now from these instances by requiring a borrower to seek legal advice.

For those that are interested in the entire legal judgement you can read it on Jade.

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