Special Condition Completion of Agreed Works

Special Condition Completion of Agreed Works

A Special Condition Completion of Agreed works is ideal when a Seller and Buyer have identified issues with a property that the Seller agrees to rectify as a condition of sale.

For example the parties to the contract might agree to fix a bathroom leak, or repair some downpipe. It is important however that any agreed works be carried out by licensed trades and the appropriate documentation supplied. Furthermore, if works are in excess of $3,300.00 then a QBCC Contract is required. You can obtain more information about those contracts here.

We recommend that a thorough list and details are included in the clause below however if you require assistance with developing the clause please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Subject to Completion of Agreed Works
(a) This Contract is subject to the Seller at their own cost completing the following works (The Agreed Works):
(b) The Agreed Works are to be completed by a suitably qualified tradesperson and the Seller is to be provide written notice to the Buyer or their solicitor of the works being completed (Notice of Completion) along with any receipts and assignment of any guarantees or warranties relating to the works.
(c) In the event that a Notice of Completion is not received by the Buyer or their solicitor by
5PM ____ days from the Contract Date, the Buyer may by written notice to the Seller or their solicitor terminate this Contract with any Deposit paid by the Buyer to be refunded in full.

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